Saturday, May 15, 2010

First day on the job at Kandahar/FOB Lindsey

Well today was interesting.  Here are some pictures from on base with descriptions.
Here's a pic of some Afghans preparing meals for personnel in the nearby hospital.  It is not the most sanitary environment, as evidenced by the meat chopping block.  The bucket is filled with meat pieces too.  We're building them a new cooking area in the next few days.
Here are their cooking pots.
These containers will be our new homes soon.  Can't'll be nice.
This was a self-help project built by my team.  They even made the chairs and table.  Awesome initiative.  My team is a happy lot, which is great!
Here's my lot of 250 broken up-armored hummers that are supposed to eventually be repaired and issued to the Afghans.  Apparently, most don't have batteries and the parts are taking forever to get.  This will be a challenge.
Here's my nice desk/cubicle...there are two monitors, so that's great!
A do not litter sign...apparently, some people can't read :)
These furry lovecuffs were for sale in the German Post Exchange...why?  The funny things you see on deployments.  Must be for kidding around...hope.
Kandahar is the wild wild west...well, except there is a TGI Fridays?  What?  In the middle of the base...that seems pretty funny.  Don't see that very often, but we are happy to have it.  It is foreign owned, so it wasn't shut down like all the other Burger Kings, Taco Bells, and Subways, as per Gen McChrystal's order.
There's also a Tim Horton's Coffee house, which is big in Canada.  Canadian forces are in large number here.
Speaking of is their hockey rink.  It's funny to see in such a hot area.  Gotta love it.
Here's a sign that is at every deployed base.  Everyone wants to know which was is home and how far away it is.  Interesting to see who all is here.  You may have to zoom in to see the locations and distances.  Washington D.C. is 11,152 kilometers.
In the building I work in, there's another Army group.  This is what was on the desk.  The big fat one is a grenade for the grenade launcher on the M-4 or M-16.  The other shells are for a .50 caliber machine gun.  All are live rounds.  Don't mix these up with the chocolates on the desk :)
To be fair, they did put a very clear warning on the grenade. Fun stuff. 
The temperature for today was a blazing, but it was a dry's supposed to get up to 130F...that'll be really nice and cozy. 


Tom Mc said...

I think I left that MK19 round on my G3 RCAC desk in '08?

Anonymous said...

this helps me to understand where you all are, including my grandson. I also recognize the grenade - from a belt of them around one soldier's body!
You need to know that we in the USA appreciate you guys a whole lot.

hobbygoblins said...

You guys are doing a great job under difficult circumstances to say the least... nice to see you can keep a since of humor about it. I own a website devoted to selling magic cards and do alot of business with the fellows in Kandahar typed in FOB Lindsey and up this popped on google. Glad I took the time to read it and I am going to throw some extra stuff in for Jake. Stay safe and thanks.
David Hayes

Muhammad Sharif said...

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